If you’ve recently purchased the best infrared sauna and you want to get to the most out of treatment and learn how to use it correctly, then our infrared sauna tips will help to enhance your next sauna session. One of the biggest health reasons behind using an infrared sauna is detoxification. These saunas can eliminate toxins including chemicals and heavy metals, both of which can be detrimental to your health. While spending any length of time in a sauna can result in some health benefits, our following tops will help to increase those benefits significantly.

The top infrared sauna tips include

  • Staying hydrated-drink water before, during, and after a sauna session
  • Learn how to set the correct temperature for the best results
  • Hit the sauna after a workout to help remove waste and toxins from muscle tissue and to help ditch that extra water weight
  • Dress lightly in order to avoid skin irritation and overheating
  • Remove all jewelry and accessories before you head into the sauna
  • Never bring electronics into the sauna
  • Bring plenty of towels into the sauna in order to avoid sitting in sweat
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Meditate to reduce stress
  • Use essential oils for a little aromatherapy
  • Never sleep in the sauna

Follow our tips on how to stay safe and get the most out of every sauna treatment in order to enjoy the best results.

Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of regular sauna use and how it can help to boost your health and workout results while minimizing stress and promoting relaxation.

How to Set the Temperature

An infrared sauna is usually much better for a full body detox compared to a traditional steam sauna. This is mainly due to the fact that they don’t heat the air, but the body. Setting the proper temperature for the sauna is important and the best way you can get the most health benefits from using your sauna regularly. Most models can reach a max temp of one hundred and fifty degrees. If you’re new to sauna use, then you may want to start off on a lower setting and gradually increase the temperature based on your comfort level and even how much you’re sweating. If you plan on using your sauna more than three or four times a week, try setting it at one hundred and thirty degrees. The higher the temp the more you’ll sweat. The more you sweat the more toxins are flushed out of your body, via your pores.

Working Out

Another great way to get the most out of your new sauna is to use it right after a workout. The sauna will work to naturally cleanse the pores and flush out the toxins. Since when you work out the body tends to build up metabolic waste in the joints and muscle tissue, using your sauna right after you finish a workout can flush out these toxins. They can also help to reduce water weight, which can occur after a particularly tough workout session.

Additionally, using your sauna after you exercise can also help to increase HGH, release heat shock proteins, burn calories, improve blood flow, and can even help to relax tense muscles. Essentially, using your sauna regularly after a workout can help to boost muscle growth.

Wear the Right Clothes

If you’re not comfortable using your sauna without clothes, then choosing lightweight clothes can be a great alternative. Clothing made out of cotton can end up absorbing your sweat, which can be both uncomfortable and irritating to the skin. Because of this, you’ll want to wear light clothing, such as a swimsuit or clothes that you would normally wear to the gym.

Avoid Bringing Anything into the Sauna With You

Before you head into your sauna for a relaxing treatment, make sure you remove any accessories including jewelry, your phone, any type of metal, and watches. You should also avoid wearing a fitness tracker or any other type of smart device in the sauna since the heat could cause damage. If you do wear them in the sauna, you may end up damaging the batteries which can also explode in intense heat.



Always use multiple towels when you use your sauna. There should be one towel placed where you’re sitting in order to absorb the sweat that falls off you. This towel will also prevent you from sitting in a puddle of sweat, which can damage the bench or irritate the skin. You should also use a hand towel to remove excess sweat from your body in order to prevent irritation.

The Importance of Hydration

This type of sauna works well to increase your body temperature, causing you to sweat. Since you’ll lose plenty of sweat during a session, it’s importation to stay hydrated when you’re using a sauna. We recommend drinking one to two glasses of water before you even enter the sauna. When you’re in the sauna have water on hand and consume one glass of water for every fifteen minutes you remain inside the cabin. Once you’re finished with your treatment, drink two more eight-ounce glasses of water. However, keep in mind that a regular water bottle is not a good choice when you’re using a sauna. Cheap plastic water bottles can bleed chemicals into your water when they’re placed under extreme heat. Because of this, I recommend using BPA free water bottles only.

Listen to Soothing Music

Listening to music while using your sauna can be very relaxing. Most new models of saunas will come equipped with aux ports and built-in speakers. But listening to music is not just relaxing, it can also be very therapeutic.

Use this Time to Meditate

Meditating while using your sauna can be a very relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. The sauna’s heat helps to naturally relax both your body and mind. Breathing exercises and meditation can be a great way to focus on treatment and avoid thinking about commons stressors such as work or home life.

Essential Oil Use

When you’re in your sauna, try adding essential oils. These oils consist of concentrated liquid that contains plant aroma compounds. They also smell great and some can even work to purify and sanitize the sauna. Essential oils can also be used for therapeutic reasons. Their strong scents can have an impact on your psychological well-being and your mood. Some people even believe that this type of aromatherapy can help to treat anxiety, stress, pain, and disease.

Avoid Resting In a Sauna

Never fall asleep in your sauna, regardless of how relaxed and comfortable you feel. The sauna produces extreme heat, which is not ideal for long naps. In many cases, just half an hour is more than enough time to spend in a sauna. Falling asleep in a sauna is considered extremely dangerous and can lead to a variety of health problems, including death.

Related Questions

Is it Safe to Drink Alcohol When Using a Sauna?

No. Alcohol can cause dehydration which can lead to serious complications since you will be sweating profusely in the sauna. Additionally, if you become intoxicated you may not realize you’ve spent too much time in the sauna or that you’re overheated. Basically, drinking in a sauna is very unsafe and can be potentially life-threatening.

How Long Should I Stay In A Sauna?

You can spend as little as ten minutes or as long as thirty minutes in a sauna. However, staying in a sauna for too long is a common mistake many people make. Twenty minutes is more than enough time to enjoy the many health benefits this type of treatment offers, without getting overheated or dehydrated. Models such as the Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum allows you to expertly adjust the temperature so you can stay in the sauna for thirty minutes max. However, lower quality saunas will not allow you to precisely adjust the temperature, which can make it dangerous to spend more than twenty minutes in the sauna at a time. For more information on proper sauna use, click here to read our article on How often should you use infrared sauna?

Do I Need a Cool Down Period After Sauna Use?

Yes. You should always give yourself a cool down period after you’ve finished a session in your sauna. This will allow your internal body temperature to drop back down to a normal level, which is very important since you don’t want your body temperature to remain elevated for a long period of time. A cool down period should last ten to fifteen minutes.

Final Thoughts

These infrared sauna tips will help to enhance your next sauna experience while keeping you safe and helping you to get the most out of each treatment. Remember, in the beginning, take it slow and gradually increase the length of each session, dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and above all, stay safe.