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Durasage infrared

The Durasage infrared indoor personal spa and sauna is an affordable and portable alternative to solid personal sized IR saunas. This model’s unique design and portability will allow even buyers on a tight budget to enjoy all the benefits that IR therapy has to offer. Easy to set up and use and offering a faster than average heating time, I was surprised and impressed with this sauna’s performance.

Our Verdict: The Durasage infrared sauna does a good job of trying to keep up with solidly built traditional saunas, and it does manage to provide effective treatment. However, this model is somewhat lacking in the power department. But as a portable sauna, it does a great job of providing many of the same benefits that a traditional infrared sauna can, and all for a price that’s more affordable. It comes with a folding chair, timer, and heated foot pad. While it may not be able to perform just like a solid construction sauna, I was impressed with its performance. Easy to use, foldable, and highly portable, I would recommend this sauna to anyone who wants to experience the many benefits of IR therapy, but doesn’t have space or the budget for a solidly built traditional sauna.

Read on to learn more about how this unique personal sauna works and what you can expect in terms of power and performance.

Overview and Features

Most people who are searching for the best infrared sauna for home use will simply bypass a portable model thinking they don’t have much to offer in terms of performance results, but many buyers will be surprised by what this sauna can do.

Of course, since it’s a portable model, you can’t expect it to have the same type and quality of heating panels that you’ll find on fixed models, but as a one-person sauna, the manufacturer did an excellent job of choosing a heating setup that’s fast and efficient.

Durasage Infrared IR Far Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Durasage infrared

  • Foldable design
  • Highly portable
  • Affordable
  • Leaves the head and hands free
  • Faster than average warmup time
  • Negative ion generator

Aside from the low price, the sauna’s biggest selling point is its portability. If you don’t have enough space in your home to accommodate a permanent sauna, then this model is a great alternative. The Durasage sauna finally allows you to enjoy spa quality treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Built-In Negative Ion Generator

It comes equipped with a negative ion generator, which is designed to purify the air. A negative ion is an oxygen atom that’s charged with extra electrons. These atoms are created in nature due to the effects of the earth’s radiation, in addition to sunlight, air, and water.

In higher concentrations, negative ions work to purify the air, removing pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria, smoke, odors, pet dander, and other types of hazardous particles that are airborne. This is accomplished by the negative ions attaching themselves to these particles, which then weighs them down and causes them to fall out of the air.

As they fall some tend to attach to a nearby surface, while others will fall straight to the floor. Because the hazardous particles fall out of the air, you’ll no longer breathe them in. This can help to prevent respiratory problems including asthma.

Even if you do keep your windows open, your home will probably still remain sealed off from the natural benefits of negative ions.

Additionally, positive ion producing appliances such as TVs and air conditioners, dryers, and microwaves tend to keep the home full of the harmful particles. That’s where the negative ion generator comes in. The sauna’s ionizer works via a method referred to as corona discharge, a process that’s modeled after the way that lightning occurs in nature.

A very small current of electrons will flow down a needle to the very point. The closer the electron comes to the point, the more they’re forced together. Electrons naturally repel each other and because of this, when they reach the point of the needle they’re forced to the nearest air molecule, turning into a negative ion.

All negative ions will also repel each other. As more are produced they’re pushed further out into the room. This sauna comes with a very powerful ionizer, which means it’s able to produce more negative ions that can travel further.

Negative Ion Benefits

In terms of health benefits, negative ions can help to improve mental clarity by removing the effects of the positive ions in your space. In fact, many scientists refer to these ions as a type of natural antidepressant. This machine can also significantly decrease bacteria and airborne viruses in the home.

Exposure to these ions will also improve cilia function, which is found in the respiratory tract and works to protect the lungs from inflammation an irritation. Since negative ionizer use comes with almost as many health benefits as infrared therapy, we felt that it was a great addition to this sauna, allowing for more well-rounded treatment.

Timer And Temperature Control

Many higher priced saunas will come with a timer, which allows you to choose the length of treatment. This model comes with a timer that has a limit of thirty minutes, which should work for most people. However, for those of you who prefer a longer sauna session, this thirty-minute timer may be somewhat of a drawback. But in reality, thirty minutes is more than enough time. To learn more about sauna use, click here to read my article on how long should I stay in sauna?

You can use the same controller to increase or decrease the sauna’s temperature, for custom treatment.

Heater Design

Durasage infrared

This model comes with a three heater panel design. The heaters are made out of ultra-thin carbon and are super conductive. The heaters work to heat up the user’s skin as opposed to heating up the air. Because of this, the treatment is humidity free, which allows users to enjoy the treatment for a longer period of time.


The manufacturer claims that just ten minutes in the sauna is comparable to thirty minutes of jogging, in terms of how much you’ll sweat.


The unique design of the sauna allows your hands and head to remain free, so you can listen to music, watch TV, or read a book. The sauna’s cover is made out of a soft, quilted material. In terms of features, this model is pretty basic. You won’t get any of the fancy bells and whistles, such as built-in speakers or light therapy like you will with a fixed sauna, but this model’s plain design can be a great fit if you’re simply looking for a sauna that can deliver in terms of IR therapy benefits.


The sauna comes with a free foldable chair, which you’ll sit in during treatment. It also comes with a foot heating pad, user’s manual, and remote timer and temperature controller.

Warmup Time

Unlike competing models, this sauna will only take five minutes to heat up. This is a huge selling point for anyone that’s had experience with personal saunas and is tired of waiting the average fifteen to twenty minutes for the sauna to reach the appropriate temperature.

IR Therapy Benefits

Most people commonly associate sauna use as a way to lose weight, or water weight to be more accurate. But IR therapy offers so much more. In fact, studies have shown that infrared therapy can help to improve circulation, reduce a person’s chances of cardiovascular design, reduce pain and stress, and improve sleep. Additionally, it’s also said to help improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as boost collagen production, for firmer, younger looking skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Foldable design
  • Highly portable
  • Affordable
  • Leaves the head and hands free
  • Faster than average warmup time
  • Negative ion generator


  • Timer only goes up to thirty minutes
  • Not as powerful as a traditional solidly built sauna

How this Model Stands Up to the Competition

The Far Infrared Relax Sauna features a much faster heat up time of just thirty seconds, while the Durasage has a five-minute heat up time. It’s also a portable sauna, so it’s a great choice if you’re short on space in the home. However, it does lack a timer, which means you’ll have to keep a close eye on the clock in order to prevent overheating and dehydration. Clearly, the Durasage sauna is more user-friendly, but both feature a similar design and are available at a comparable price.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Durasage infraredIf you’ve always wanted a sauna in your home, but you weren’t able to afford one or simply didn’t have space, then a portable model just may fit the bill. In terms of power, it can’t compete with a solid construction sauna made out of wood, but for what it is, this model did impress us. You’ll still enjoy many of the same benefits that a traditional sauna has to offer, but at a price that’s affordable.

Basically, this Durasage sauna is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a compact, foldable sauna that won’t take up too much space in the home. Its unique design, coupled with the built-in negative ion generator give you every reason to buy. We gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.